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Money the Mover

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    • These are the times fraught with perils linked to budget deficit, unemployment, depression, deficit financing, high prices, expensive transportation, pollution, oxygen deficiency in some places, economic growth, wealth, development, money, monetary standard, monetary policy, low wage, high interest, sluggish business, trade cycles, price rise, scarcity of food, scarcity of water, scarcity of fresh air, rising costs of insurance and education, crumbling infrastructure, banks and other financial institutions and many more.

      • You reached this site when too many questions and concerns about money and related issues are on the minds of many persons.

      • JUST A FEW YEARS back, we had some serious questions and concerns such as under.

        • What questions Americans and others had when on September 14, 2008 President Bush addressed to the Nation about the serious financial crisis?

        • What if in 2008 and 2009 US Government did not take certain actions including supplying $787 billion to US Banks?

        • We did not know as of July 16th 2011, whether USA Government will be able to honour it's financial obligations after August 3rd 2011.

        • This includes whether more than 70 million checks will go out? Whether debt ceiling will be raised at least by 1.5 trillon?

        • How long the raised debt ceiling will save the Government? How will the credit rating of USA Governemnt will be impacted?

        • As of August 08th 2011 Monday, after Standard & Poor downed the credit rating to AA+ from AAA, it produced more concerns and questions.

        I t is not a secret that above scenario will be repeated every few years if The current Monetary System is not replaced by a more compehensive and humane system.
      • Whether Money, the product made by us ( Humans) is to be controlled by us or we want to be controlled by it?

      • Whether Law, Administration, Society and Environment shall serve the purpose of Money or the purpose of Life and Humans?

      • What surprises await us to show up in future on a day after tomorrow that we plan and create today?

      • In all proabability you also have similar concern/s about an immediate situation or a future one.

      • What will be the impact of baseless Money on world economy?

      • When the unemployment postition will improve?

      • There are many issues, many concerns and so many questions.

      • Individuals, Governments and business persons all are on the journey towards unknown frontiers.

    • This site directs towards focus on issues, solutions, actions to be taken and more.

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Act so that Rothom be the base of our way of Life

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